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Anthropology and Archaeology: Human Origins

A guide to Anthropology & Archaeology resources available through the library

Is something peer reviewed?

This is not always an easy answer because:

peer reviewed journals have non-peer reviewed content in them.

First check if article is scholarly.  Check if it has:

  • has references of other scholarly articles
  • is written by a scholar or expert
  • is written for author scholars so uses specialized terminology
  • has abstract
  • is organized in a specific way
    • introduction
    • methods
    • analysis/results
    • discussion
    • conclusion

Is the article Peer reviewed?

Peer reviewed articles are a special kind of scholarly.

To make sure you have to check if the journal says that it is peer reviewed

To do so:

  • find journal in print or online
  • open an issue and look
    •   at the first few pages
    • or the last few pages
    • they often say if journal is peer reviewed
  • online at the journal site look for
    • about the journal or
    • author guidelines
    • one or the other should tell you if there is a review process

Again, not everything in a peer reviewed journal is a peer reviewed article. 

As you professor or a librarian if you are unsure.

Research Tips

After you have picked a Topic in Step 1, let's find some articles (Step 2)

You can search a each specific journal or many journals in a database.  Either way, make sure you are logged in through the BU library (otherwise you might not get access)

Specific Journals  (to find access to specific journals search the BU Journal List)

Databases to search:

The following databases include more than just anthropology journals and each has a different set of journals.  Search more than 1 database to make sure to find what you are looking for.

Jstor - Click on Advanced search, scroll down and limit to article and Anthropology

Web of Science - on search result screen look for 'Anthropology' under 'Web of Science Categories' and 'Article' or 'Review' under 'Document Type'.  Use 'cited by' and 'times cited' to find more articles.

Google Scholar - in our search try to choose words that identify your search as anthropology.  Also, look 'all versions' to find full text and 'cited by' for newer articles on the same topic.

EbscoHost Academic Search - limit by peer reviewed.

Subject Guide

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