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Government Documents - Always Fresh, Always Exciting: Online Guides for Citing Government Documents

This guide covers the basics of finding and using government documents and provides links to various governmental and public resources.

Online Sources For Citation Samples

Citing Government Documents can be a challenge. Just identifying the parts of the citation can be a puzzle. Here are some sites that may help you identify the information you require for a citation, as well as some examples in certain styles. Please note that the guidelines may differ from institution to institution.

If you have questions about citing these types of documents, please contact the BU Writing Centre or ask your professor. You will need to know the style that you wish to cite (ALA, APA, MLA, Chicago, ASA, and so on).

Be aware that each sample is only one interpretation of how the rules best fit the example shown. Other interpretations are possible. 

Specific Style Guides - these guides are by the librarians at Simon Fraser University

Citing Canadian Government Documents - MLA Style: There are many clear examples, with a comparison chart for print and online documents.

Citing Canadian Government Documents - APA style: The basis for this is the Publication Manual of the APA (6th edition.)

Citing Canadian Government Documents - Chicago Style Check the notes on the edition and the distinct citation styles.

Citing guide for Statistics Canada, PCensus, EStat, and CHASS data: Samples for APA, Chicago, MLA, and Turabian styles for Census Topic Based Tabulations, Census Profile, statistics analysis series, free publications from Statistics Canada site, material from the DLI or DSP, CANSIM time series data, material retrieved from E-STAT, and CANSIM data table.

Other sources for information on citing Government Documents

Mount Royal Legal Information Basics LibGuide - includes Chicago, APA, and MLA styles for court cases and acts.

APA Citation Guide (6th edition) From Douglas College Library in British Columbia. They provide examples based on their interpretations of the APA.

York University SPARK (Student Papers & Academic Research Kit) - Citing Sources - see the right side for links to APA and Chicago styles - the examples include Canadian Government citations.

Basic Information, including Statistics Canada materials

How to Cite Government Publications McMaster University Includes information on building citations and examples for Canadian Government Publications, United Nations material, and materials in electronic format. No one style is featured.

Brief Guide to Citing Canadian Government Documents and Statistics Queen's University Includes information on building citations, with specific reference to print, electronic, and microforms, as well as parliamentary, legislative, bills/acts, debates, journals (Parliamentary not magazines), Standing Committees, Commissions, Departments, Agencies, CANSIM, Census, and Statistics Canada.

How to Cite Statistics Canada Products From Statistics Canada Content includes information on building your citation, with examples.

The Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation (also known as "the McGill Guide") is the authoritative source in Canada for citing legal materials. The BU Library copy may be located on the Second Floor KE259. C35 2010.

 The D.B. Weldon Library - Western University has a page of citation options - found here It includes non-specific style guides for Government Documents (brief and detailed) and a page of information specific to citing Royal Commissions, Commissions of Inquiry and Task Forces.


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