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Government Documents - Always Fresh, Always Exciting: Gov Docs in the BU Library

This guide covers the basics of finding and using government documents and provides links to various governmental and public resources.

Gov Docs in the BU Library

There are several strategies for identifying and locating Government Documents in the BU Library. Here are some suggestions:

  • Government Documents are located throughout the BU Library - including Government Documents, Main Library, Music Library, Reference Collection, Oversize Collection, Pamphlet File, and so on.
  • Not all Gov Docs in the BU Library are on the BU Library Catalogue.
  • Laws, Bills, Statutes, and Regulations are unlikely to be located by searching their specific titles, even if they are in the BU Library. When you do a search for a specific law or bill, any result list is more likely to be items ABOUT that law or bill, not the law or bill itself. Please ask in the Government Documents Office when you cannot find what you want; you also might want to check the Find a Law Tab of this Guide.
  • For items on a particular subject (euthanasia, for example), simply do your search on the Library Catalogue. Government Documents will be searched along with all other items on the Catalogue and will appear in your result list. You probably won't even realize that some of the results are Gov Docs until you look at the 'book.'

How To FInd Government Documents in the BU Library

Do a Library Catalogue/One Stop Search. If you do not find what you want, try looking at the Online Gov Docs Tab or ask for help in the Gov Docs Office.

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