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Health Statistics: Journal Articles

This guide will help you locate health statistics.

Why would journal articles be useful?

Perhaps you are looking for a topic (such as diabetes) and would like to have some statistics to accompany your research.

A non-scholarly journal article or newspaper article may be very basic (and easy to understand) and mention statistics, but not cite sources. For this and other reasons, such material may not be an acceptable source for your research (always check with your professor). And how old is the article - are the statistics the newest ones available?

A scholarly or peer-reviewed journal article is likely about a very specific aspect of diabetes, may use statistics, and will probably cite those sources. But how old is the article - are newer statistics available and useful? Check the Reference List of the article - it may direct you to sources for those statistics.

Knowing the source of the statistics in the research you use may help you find the most current statistics. Check the sources the author/s of the article used for their statistics - you may be able to find that research in another print source. Thinking about going online? Have a look at the notes and suggestions in the tab Online - including Government Documents.


The best place to start your search is the the Library Catalogue/One Stop Search.

For information on finding journal articles on health topics, see

CINAHL is a good choice for journal articles on health topics - studies on your topic may include the statistics you need.

Need to find a database for your searches?  The A to Z Database List (with links) to the databases to which BU provides access.

Need to know if BU Library has access to a electronic journal title? The Journals A to Z List lists journal titles to which BU provides electronic access. You may also search the BU Library Catalogue for a journal title - a Catalogue search will also find any journal titles in BU print collection.


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