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Indigenous Resources - Background, Policy, Analysis: Family History/Genealogy

This guide is an introduction to some of the books, articles, and online resources available to you.

Family History/Genealogy - Suggestions

Here are some suggestions for researching Genealogy.

If you are looking for information for researching Indigenous topics in general (statistics, women, children, families, justice, etc) review the Indigenous Resources: Background, Policy, Analysis LibGuide. For information specific to Metis resources, see the Metis LibGuide. For general information on conducting family history research, please contact the S. J.McKee Archives.


And some materials from our Library...

Second Floor CS88. P71T73 Tracing your Aboriginal ancestors in the Prairie Provinces : a guide to the records and how to use them / edited by Laura M. Hanowski.       Regina : Saskatchewan Genealogical Society, c2006. 157 pages

Second Floor FC129.G4S67; also in the ACIC  The genealogy of the first Métis nation : the development and dispersal of the Red River Settlement, 1820-1900 / compiled by D.N. Sprague and R.P. Frye ; introduction by D.N. Sprague ; maps by Victor Lytwyn. Winnipeg : Pemmican Publications, c1983. 240 pages

Second Floor E78. C2R87 2004  Records of the Department of Indian Affairs at Library and Archives Canada : a source for genealogical research / Bill Russell. Toronto : Ontario Genealogical Society, 2004. 85 pages

Second Floor E78.C2R4114 2011; also ACIC and online. Recollecting Lives of Aboriginal Women of the Canadian Northwest and Borderlands    Sarah Carter, Patricia A. McCormack  Edmonton : AU Press  2011

Second Floor FC109.L66; copy in ACIC, also online. The long journey of a forgotten people : Métis identities and family histories
David McNab, Ute Lischke  Métis Symposium (2003: Ottawa, Ont.) Waterloo, Ont.: Wilfrid Laurier University Press c2007

The BU Library has other materials that might be of interest. For example, in microfilm you will find:

Reference E78. C2P81, Microforms E78. C2P81 Archival records RG10 from the Dept. of Indian Affairs / [microform] / Issued by the Public Archives of Canada. NOTE: the microfilm reels are located in the MF collection, Main Floor.

There are also online options for this material. See online section of links - School Files Series.

Please note: The collection is comprised of microfilm reels. BU Library does not have a complete collection - BU has:
Black series, 1872-1959. Volumes 3555-4095, reels C9639-9640, C10098-10187, C10190-10192, C10194-10198, C10203-10204, C11063 (index).
School files, 1879-1958. "... files dealing with all aspects of Indian school administration throughout Canada", [including names of staff and residents.] Volumes 6001-6491, reels C7908-7963, C8134-8219, C8639-8803, C9801-9811, C9641-9642 (indexes).
Field Office correspondence and miscellaneous, 1833-1954 (incomplete). Volumes 999A-1728 (incomplete), reels C13900-13903, C13913-13936, C14250-14273, C14275, C14278-14280, C14297, C14838, C14865, C14866, T1455-1459, T1461, T1462, T1464, T1465, T1467-1476.
Deputy Superintendent General’s letterbooks, 1879-1924. Volumes 1078-1133, reels C7208-7723, C8626-8636, C 9000-9009.


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