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Indigenous Resources - Background, Policy, Analysis: Frequently Requested Books

This guide is an introduction to some of the books, articles, and online resources available to you.

Frequently-Requested Books/a selection

American Indian History   Reference E77.A44 Multiple volumes A series of essays on a variety of topics. If books are too big and journal articles are too specific, try subject specific dictionaries and encyclopedias for background information on a topic. For example, the entry for ‘Oka crisis’ in volume one provides the date, locale, tribes involved, significance, some cross-referenced categories and an short outline of the crisis.

Handbook of North American Indians   Reference E77.H25  Multiple volumes From Volume 4’s chapter on The Indian in the Movies to Volume 13’s coverage of the Sundance, these books provide a wealth of social and historical information.

Annual Reports of the Bureau of (American) Ethnology   Reference Government Documents E51.U55   Volumes dating back into the 1800’s. Lots of lengthy articles and many images. For example, the 1885/86 volume has an entry by W. J. Hoffman titled The Mide’wiwin or “Grand Medicine Society of the Ojibwa. It’s more than 150 pages, and includes songs, drawings of invitation sticks, sacred posts, and a diagram of a ghost lodge. There are online options for this title as well.

Sessional Papers   Reference Government Documents (in Gov Docs area) JL103.C3  Volumes from 1861-1930 (note - there are more volumes on the shelf than there are in the record) Older government reports (such as those from Indian Agents) and documents may be searched in the Sessional Papers collection – and don’t hesitate to ask for help when you can’t find what you want. There are online options for this item as well.

Annual Reports of federal and provincial departments and agencies   Throughout the collection Annuals may contain information about a department’s policies, projects, personnel and finances.

Native American Literatures: an Encyclopedia of Works, Characters, Authors, and Themes   Reference PS153.I52W47 Contains short articles on individual authors – including Gerald Vizenor, Leslie Marmon Silko, Sherman Alexie – as well as entries on individual works, on important characters in works, and on terms and events of historical significance that figure in many of the works.

The Annotated Indian Act and Aboriginal Constitutional Provisions   Reference KE7704.5.H39    Various years in Reference and the Main Stacks Outlines sections of the Indian Act/relevant court cases. It includes information on case law, commentary on sections, relevant constitutional provisions, regulations to the Indian Act – and there are federal and provincial references.

Report of The Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples   Various volumes    Main Stacks, Reserve, online Multiple subjects. For example, volume 3 (E78.C2R46 v.3) titled Gathering Strength includes sections on The Family (The centrality of family, child welfare reform, family law), Health and Healing (From past to the present, social and emotional health, perspectives on health and healing), Housing, Education, Arts, Heritage.

Report of the Aboriginal Justice Inquiry of Manitoba   Main Stacks KEM529.5.C75A75 1991     2 volumes Includes information on concepts of justice, policing, alternatives to incarceration, and justice systems.

Indian Act   KE7704.5.I5   Various years    Also Government Documents and online versions BU Library Catalogue does not list most acts individually - please ask for assistance. However, there is a collection of separate copies of the Indian Act in the Main collection. Note the dates available - if there is not a separate copy of the one you want, please ask for assistance.

Tuberculosis in Canada   Main Stacks RC314. T88, online Deals with Tuberculosis in Canada, including tuberculosis statistics in Indigenous communities.



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