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Indigenous Resources - Background, Policy, Analysis: Sixties Scoop

This guide is an introduction to some of the books, articles, and online resources available to you.

Sixties Scoop: Searching Suggestions

On this page you will find online links related to the Sixties Scoop, a short section of links for information on the "Millennium Scoop", and a list of print materials in the BU Library that contain information on the Sixties Scoop.

When you are searching this topic, remember that the terms Sixties Scoop also may appear as 60s Scoop or 60's Scoop. If you are having trouble locating materials for this topic, try searching one of the alternate terms. (Suggestions: adoption and transracial adoption.)

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"Sixties Scoop" Links

Subject Guide

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Books - In The Library

A search on the Brandon University One Stop Search might look like this:

(sixties OR 60s OR 60) AND scoop

There will be results, including: Supporting Aboriginal Parents, and 2 versions of Native Children and the Child Welfare System (one online and one in print).

There are other books in the BU Library on this topic - a book may cover several topics and the Sixties Scoop may be one of them. Others may provide brief information on a particular aspect of the topic. Try checking the titles in the bibliographies of materials you do find for additional materials. To give you a head start, I have done some searching from other bibliographies - below you find SOME of the items in the BU Library that contain material on the Sixties Scoop. I encourage you to search bibliographies and other databases on your own.


No Quiet Place: Review Committee on Indian and Metis Adoptions and Placements by Edwin C. Kimelman  
Call Number: Second Floor E78.M25M28
Publication Date: 1985
Also see: Review Committee on Indian and Metis Adoptions and Placements : Transcripts and Briefs : Public Hearings, Special Hearings, Briefs (HV887.C3M357); Review Committee on Indian and Metis Adoptions and Placements : File Review Report. (HV887.C3M356); Group Home Review / Review Committee on Indian and Metis Adoptions and Placements. (E98.C6M36); Review Committee on Indian and Metis Adoptions and Placements : Interim Report (HV887.C3M355).

Our Son, a Stranger : adoption breakdown and its effect on parents by Marie Adams  
Call Number: Second Floor HV875.7. C2A32 2002; ACIC copy HV875.7. C2A32 2002; also electronic access
Publication Date: 2002-03-14
... Marie Adams describes five white couples whose adoptions of native children failed to meet their expectations. Using her own experiences as background, she casts a critical eye on the "Sixties Scoop" when governments actively encouraged the adoption of native children by non-native parents - an estimated 95 per cent of such adoptions failed - and discusses why the special issues raised by all trans-racial adoptions need to be carefully considered.

Stolen from Our Embrace: the abduction of First Nations children and the restoration of aboriginal communities by Suzanne Fournier; Ernie Crey; David Neel (Photographer)  
Call Number: Second Floor E78.C2F68
Publication Date: 1997
This... book is a balance of the most gruesome elements of assimilation: church-run schools, the child welfare system, survivors of sexual abuse, and Foetal Alcohol Syndrome counter-balanced against heroic stories of children who survived, fought back, and found their way home. Harrrowing stories are presented wherever possible in the first person, by Fournier, a journalist, and Cree, a B.C native spokesperson and activist, and a stolen child himself.

Report of the Aboriginal Justice Inquiry of Manitoba / Public Inquiry into the Administration of Justice and Aboriginal People/ Public Inquiry into the Administration of Justice and Aboriginal People by Associated Chief Justice A.C. Hamilton, commissioner, Associate Chief Judge, C.M. Sinclair, commissioner.  
Call Number: Second Floor KEM529.5. C75A75 1991 (2 volumes); also electronic access
Publication Date: 1991
See Volume 1 - Chapter 14: Child Welfare

Gathering Strength: Volume 3 of the Report of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples  
Call Number: Second Floor E78. C2R46 Volume 3; also electronic access
Publication Date: 1996
See Section 2 : The Family - Historical Overview

Wícihitowin : Aboriginal social work in Canada by edited by Raven Sinclair (Ótiskewápíwskew), Michael Anthony Hart (Kaskitémahikan) & Gord Bruyere (Amawaajibitang).  
Call Number: Second Floor E78. C2W52 2009; ACIC copy Second Floor E78. C2W52 2009
Publication Date: 2009
See Chapter 5: Identity or Racism? Aboriginal Transracial Adoption

The adoption of native Canadian children by Margaret Ward  
Call Number: Second Floor E78.C2W37
Publication Date: 1984

The dispossessed : life and death in native Canada by Geoffrey York.  
Call Number: Second Floor E78.C2Y67
Publication Date: 1989.
See Chapter Eight: From Manitoba To Massachusetts: The Lost Generation

Suicide among aboriginal people in Canada : prepared for the Aboriginal Healing Foundation by Laurence J. Kirmayer ... [et al.].  
Call Number: Second Floor E78. C2S85 2007 and electronic access.
Publication Date: 2007.
See (among other entries) Chapter 4: Origins of Suicide: Social Suffering and Survival/The Child Welfare System and Systematic Out-Adoption...Impact of the "Sixties Scoop" page 75

Canadian Child Welfare Law: children, families and the state by Nicholas Bala (Editor); Michael K. Zapf (Editor); R. James Williams (Editor); Robin Vogl (Editor); Joseph P. Hornick (Editor)  
Call Number: Second Floor KE3515. C36 2004
Publication Date: 2004
See Chapter 7: Aboriginal Child Welfare - Page 205 The "60s Scoop".

The Traffic in Babies: cross-border adoption and baby-selling between the United States and Canada, 1930-1972 by Karen Balcom  
Call Number: Second Floor HV875.58. C2B34 2011
Publication Date: 2011
See Index for entries under: First Nations And Metis Children:...the 'Sixties Scoop'....

Rethinking Child Welfare in Canada by Brian Wharf (Editor)  
Call Number: Second Floor HV745. A6R48
Publication Date: 1998
See Chapter 5: Family and Child Welfare in First Nation Communities: Andrew Armitage

Case Critical: social services & social justice in Canada by Ben Carniol  
Call Number: Second Floor HV105. C366 2010
Publication Date: 2010
See Chapter 2: Naming and Resisting Injustices/Colonial Privilege/"Sixties Scoop"

Protecting Aboriginal Children by Christopher Walmsley  
Call Number: Second Floor HV745. B7W35
Publication Date: 2005
See Index for entries under "sixties scoop"

People, Politics, and Child Welfare in British Columbia by Leslie T. Foster (Editor); Brian Wharf (Editor)  
Call Number: Second Floor HV745. B7P46 2007
Publication Date: 2007
See Index entry for "Sixties Scoop"

The lost children : a nation's shame : one woman's journey and account of a nation's shame by Jacqueline Marie Maurice.
Call number: Second Floor HV875.7. C2M38 2014  
Publication date: 2014