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Indigenous Literature: Children's Literature

This guide may assist patrons researching topics in Indigenous Literature. The focus will be on North America: works written by Indigenous authors, as well as materials about the work of these authors.

Literature For Children

Does BU Library have 'books for kids?" Yes.

What's the best way to find them? Do a Library Catalogue (One Stop) Search.

  • If you know the name of the book you want, search that. (Living with Animals Ojibwe Spirit Powers)
  • If you know the author you want, search that name. (David Bouchard)
  • If you want books on a specific topic for children, search your topic. Be prepared to try different words/more than one search. Samples of searches:
    • ravens juvenile fiction
    • ravens childrens stories
    • bears indigenous fiction
    • first nation stories juvenile

Not finding what you want? Ask us for help.

Are all the children's books in one place? There is no ONE area for children's literature in the Library. If, instead of using One Stop Search, you want to browse the collection, try

  • the Indigenous Curriculum Collection (previously known as the Aboriginal Curriculum Initiatives Collection) on the First Floor,
  • the E collection on the Second Floor, and the PS 8500's- 8600's in the North Stacks (a quick way is to glance down the aisle and look for the large, thin materials, as children's literature tends to be oversized, with few pages. This is not true for all, of course!)
  • the PZ 7's and PZ 8's in the North Stacks (almost all children's literature, but be aware that much of the Indigenous children's literature will be found in the earlier options.)
  • the Manitoba Curriculum collection on the First Floor. (ordered by grade and subject level.)


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