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Not everything works the way it is should - this is our list of the known problems we have

Problems We're Working On

I'm an Off-Campus Student and My Browser Says It's Not Safe To Use a Library Resource Like EBSCOHost

Recent updates to some browsers have made them very sensitive to how our proxy server was set up. We believe that we have now configured the server correctly. However, old settings on the web sometimes persist and identify the server as incorrectly configured. We believe that if you clear your browser's cache, the problem will be fixed. The instructions for clearing your cache in Chrome are here. The instructions for clearing your cache in Firefox are here. The instructions for clearing your cache in Safari are here.  If the problem persists, please get in touch with Brandon University Helpdesk at

My Browser is Blocking Content in the One Stop Search

The One Stop Search is on a secure socket layer (i.e. it uses https rather than http). Anytime the One Stop Search calls data from a web site that is not on a secure socket layer, the browser may interpret that call as unsecure and block it. This means that sometimes an attempt to open a full text resource in the One Stop Search page fails unless the user specifically allows it, and depending on the browser, this may not be easy to see. Actually, it may be quite hard. We are working to make our access to resources through the secure socket layer so this won't be a problem. In the meantime, each browser has a different method of allowing you to reach "unsecure" sites. 

Safari Browsers in “Private” mode will not render the new interface.

This is actually long-term known problem for Safari browsers. It’s not major, but it will likely be annoying from time to time. We are hopeful that Safari will find a workaround for this the way that Chrome's Incognito mode has.