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This guide will provide information about weeding procedures and list potential BU library materials that are considered for weeding.

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Weeding Policy


Weeding or deselection, the process whereby items are removed from the library collection, is an important part of collection management and is done in order to facilitate collection use and to use shelf space efficiently.

Items which will be considered for weeding are the following:

  • Multiple copies
  • Superseded editions
  • Incomplete sets
  • Individual issues and short or scattered runs of periodicals
  • Outdated material
  • Obsolete media
  • Works which are irrelevant to the curriculum

Criteria to be considered when evaluating items for removal are:

  • Value to the collection
  • Physical condition
  • Age

Weeding will be done on an ongoing basis. The library staff will select items for weeding. All items selected for weeding will be posted on the website for one month. Faculty will be notified by email and have an opportunity to present reasons why an item should not be weeded. Final authority to weed will rest with the University Librarian.

Approved by Senate, June 15, 2004

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