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Music Large Ensemble Library FAQs: Home

Do you have questions about accessing scores in the Large Ensemble Library? Get your answers here.

I heard something's changed about this library. What's the deal?

The Short Answer

not much has changed for the 2017/18 Fall Winter term. Bigger changes will happen sometime in the near future.

The Longer Answer

As you are no doubt aware, things can get a bit disorganized in the Large Ensemble Library. Faculty conductors come and go, scores are used and hastily returned, student assistants only scratch the surface of cleaning things up before the summer is over or they graduate. 

There's no real system in place to account for things, and these short-term glitches need to be fixed with a long-term solution. Who better to do that than the library? It's our business, after all. 

So, we're going to be slowly integrating the scores in the Large Ensemble Library into the music library's larger collection, over the next year or so.

So, can I still get in that room in the basement to look at scores? I need to plan for my ensembles!

Yes, of course! We'll always make sure you have access that suits your schedule.

During business hours, someone can always run down and open the door for you. That means these hours during the Fall/Winter terms:

Mon to Fri: 9 am to 5 pm

You may also make an appointment with Donna for access to the LEL, either by calling ext. 630 on campus, emailing or by just dropping by the library.

How do I sign out LEL scores now? Has that changed?

A little.

But it should feel familiar, because ultimately it will be just like signing out other scores and resources from the rest of the library. Cataloging the Large Ensemble Library scores is a long-term project, though, and in the meantime we ask for your patience and help. Here's how we'd like it to work:

If you've browsed the collection and you know what scores you need, just email us the composer/title list using the link on the sidebar of this page. We'll retrieve the scores and get them cataloged as quickly as we can, then we'll email or call you when they're ready and you can sign them out from the music library--similar to how an interlibrary loan request works now.  

Turnaround time will depend on the length of your list and the condition of the scores you've requested, but every effort will be made to get music in your hands as fast as possible, because that's good for all of us. It should take about as much time as a Reserve request does now (so not very long at all), but as much lead-time as you can give us will help make this happen even more efficiently, as well as making the library staff eternally grateful.

How long can I keep these scores? Will I get overdue notices and fines now?

Well, the scores will be part of the library's collection, so they will be subject to the same rules as any other library resource.

However, we've recently extended the loan periods for faculty to an entire term, which should give you ample time to prepare your repertoire and rehearse your ensembles.

I have a student assistant for my ensemble. Can s/he sign out scores on my behalf?

Certainly. The library's system can be set up so that your ensemble assistant (but only that student) can request and sign out scores for you, for the same loan period that you would be allowed to. We just need to know who they are, so just keep us informed about who is helping you out this year.