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Political Science Research Guide: Statutes & Regulations

Provides and introduction to key resources used when looking for research materials in the field of Political Science

What are Statutes and Regulations?

Bill: Initial legislative proposal which passes through several stages before becoming law

Statute: Another name for an act or law. The Statutes of Manitoba are a collection of Manitoba laws.

Regulation: Detailed information about how an act is to be carried out. The act or statute will be the general over-arching information, while the regulation will go into the finer points of the legislation for the respective act.

Statutes and Regulations




  • Department of Justice 
    Federal site that allows you to search and browse both Statutes and Regulations.
    CanLII makes it easy to locate both Federal and Provincial Regulations.  Simply select the Relevant Database on the Left (e.g. Federal, Manitoba, etc), and then select Legislation - Statutes and Regulations.  At this point you will see their Consolidated Listing of Regulations for the particular area you have selected.
  • LEGISINFO  Search for Legislation currently before Parliament

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