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Political Science Research Guide: Campaign Issues

Provides and introduction to key resources used when looking for research materials in the field of Political Science

Presidential Campaigns and Super Pacs

Want to know all about Super Pacs and funding campaigns? No one explains it better that Stephen Colbert.

Earlier this year he created a Super Pac to gather money for political ads in the United States. Due to the Supreme Court Ruling (Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission) the Super Pac can collect as much money as it wants, from anyone it wants, at any amounts from individuals, and can spend as much of it as it wants either prior to - or during - an election.  

Want to learn more about what is going to happen to this money?  Want to learn more about Super Pacs?  Go to Colbert's site with videos about Super Pacs.

Electoral Funding

Want to know how money affects politics?  Here is Maplight with all kinds of information about who is contributing to who.

It is hosted on Google Fusion; created by a nonpartisan organization devoted to the impact of money on politics and contains downloadable tables.

"Citizens, journalists, and programmers can now view, search, sort, filter, and visualize (with charts, line graphs, bar graphs, scatter plots, and timelines) federal campaign contributions using Google Fusion Tables. Data can also be merged with outside databases, and visualizations can be easily embedded into blogs, media sites, and more."

Another great resource is Open Secrets.  Select its menu to learn about all the information it provides about money and politics.


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