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Political Science Research Guide: Polls and Data

Provides and introduction to key resources used when looking for research materials in the field of Political Science

Surveys/Opinion Polls and Data

Politicians and Political Scientists alike use Polls and Data to measure:

1. The mood or beliefs of citizens (Opinion Polls)

2. Economic and Social Indicators (Economic Data, Census Data, Household Income, etc.)

3. Data related to Interest Groups and their influence on Government 

To find Polling Data consult the Polling Data Box Below.

To find Economic and Social Data, visit our Government Documents Library Guide with links to City, Provincial, Federal and International Data sites.

To find Data related to Political Advocacy and Government, see the Political Contributions Box Below

Polling Data

Manitoba Polling Data

  • Probe Research
    This Winnipeg-based company does the vast majority of surveys focused solely on Manitoba.  Use for Provincial Data.

Canadian Polling Data

  • Ipsos Reid
    Ipsos Reid is a world-wide research firm that provides data on a wide range of issues including Public Affairs.  The link above is to is Canada Polls site.
  • Ekos Research Associates:  Ekos Polltics
    This Site has links to recent Ekos surveys as they relate to Canadian Politics
  • Harris-Decima
    Provides links to Harris-Decima Political, Social, Economic and Consumer Data.
  • Angus Reid Public Opinion
    This site provides provides Canadian polling data from Angus Reid - a subdivision of Vision Critical. Angus Reid is known for its extensive coverage of provincial and federal elections in Canada, and for online poling practices that are deemed to provide  accurate forecasts in Canadian elections.
  • Strategic Council
    Contains links to many polls it has done for CTV News/Globe and Mail from 2005-2009.
  • Nanos Research
    Lists Research Data from Canada, Ontario and the United States.
  • Leger Marketing
    Large Canadian Marketing Company. Has Voting Intentions and Trends Data.

  • Compas
    Select from Compas Library or What's New to find Election Surveys, Policy and Opinion Surveys, or Business and Economy Surveys.  

Canadian Aggregator Public Opinion Sites

    Does a great job of aggretating data from multiple polls to give a summary of where each party stands as averaged by several recent polls.
  • HillWatch.Com: Polls
    List Canadian Political Polls from different research companies.
  • Election Almanac
    This site includes links to Election Polls and Projections for a wide range of currents and future elections in federal and provincial elections. NOTE also add under WEB SITES 

American Polling Data

Aggregate American Polling Data Sites

Political Contributions Web Sites

United States

  • Maplight
    Created by a nonpartisan organization devoted to the impact of money on politics, this site is hosted on Google Fusion and contains downloadable tables. It states:

    "Citizens, journalists, and programmers can now view, search, sort, filter, and visualize (with charts, line graphs, bar graphs, scatter plots, and timelines) federal campaign contributions using Google Fusion Tables. Data can also be merged with outside databases, and visualizations can be easily embedded into blogs, media sites, and more."

  • OpenSecrets.Org
    Nonpartisan guide to money’s influence on U.S. elections and public policy.  As part of their site they have the Lobbying Database with information on the amount of lobbying dollars given to elected officials in the U.S.

  • Federal Elections Commission
    Campaign Finance Data


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