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CRKN and Sage Publishing Sign a Read and Publish Agreement

The Canadian Research Knowledge Network (CRKN) has negotiated a Read and Publish agreement with Sage Publishing. As a result BU Researchers can now publish open access to Sage at no cost to themselves (with the exception of Sage Gold Journals at a 40% discount).

If BU Researchers are currently publishing with Sage, they will be contacted about the offer to publish their article as Open Access and can take it at no cost to themselves.

More details

This agreement lifts the Article Processing Charges (APCs) on over 900 Sage Choice Journals (with a few exceptions) for members of CRKN. These journals are considered Hybrid Journals as they include both Open Access and Non Open Access Articles.

Sage also has a number of Gold Open Access Journals (where all articles are Open Access). The CRKN agreement has negotiated a 40% discount on APCs for publishing in any one of these.

Canadian researchers publishing with Sage Journals will be contacted by Sage; informed that they can make their article available as an Open Access Article either for Free (as in the case of the Sage Choice Journals) or for a 40% discount (as it the case for their Gold Open Access Journals); and have their APCs waived. The costs associated with the APCs have been largely assumed by the CKRN agreement.

Similar agreements have been negotiated with publishers in the United States and Europe. As more and more researchers are covered by such agreements, most publications will become openly available to everyone. This will have the beneficial impact of advancing knowledge and enhancing awareness of Canadian research.

If you wish to learn more about the agreement you can read it at the CRKN site.

Information for Authors

To facilitate open access publishing, processing of the APC waiver for SAGE Choice journals and the discount for gold open access journals is done automatically via the SAGE Open Access Portal (SOAP) when corresponding authors identify themselves as affiliated to a participating CRKN institution.
SOAP is a dashboard for authors to submit their article, select a copyright license, assign a bill payer (if applicable), and view article status. A Creative Commons license CC BY will be applied to open access publications unless a different license is requested by the author.
Please note, where an author is eligible for more than one discount for gold journals, discounts cannot be combined but the highest discount available to the author will be applied to the APC due. 


If you want more information about the agreement you can contact me: 

Carmen Kazakoff-Lane, Scholarly Communications Librarian