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Predatory Publishers

Use this guide to learn more about Predatory Publishers and how to avoid publishing in them.

Using White Lists

Journal White Lists are resources that list the names of actual journal publishers and / or provide links to them.  Several are listed below:

Directory of Open Access Journals
The Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) requires publishers to adhere to a strict set of best practices, and complete an extensive application and review process for inclusion in the directory. This resource can be used to veri fy reputable and legitimate open access publications.

Journal Guide
An index of high-quality journals with information on scope, timeline of peer-review process, indexes, open access options and publishing charges. Created by Research Square.

Open Access Publishers Association
The Open Access Publishers Association requires members to adhere to strict codes of conduct. The names of accepted publishers can be used to verify that a journal is produced by a publisher in good standing.

UlrichsWeb, Global Serials Directory
Serials Directories that include information about various publications can be used to assess the likelihood that a publisher is real.