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Open Textbooks Guide

This guide discusses what is an open textbook and where to locate them.

How to Create or Review an Open Textbook

If you wish to be a real hero, create your own Open Textbook and release it for others to use; particularly if you have expertise that is needed or if you see Open Textbook content lacking in a discipline/topic area.  To do this:

  1. You can author/edit a Wiki Textbook (e.g. BioWiki)
  2. You can author / edit a textbook using Pressbooks
  3. Release the content under the appropriate Creative Commons License (Share or Share Alike - and skip the Non-Commercial if you want printers like Flat World of Knowledge involved).

Similarly, many Open Textbook sites are looking for people to either Peer Review an Open Textbook or do a post-publication review. To learn more about all the ways you can get involved with the Open Textbook movement, check out this resource from BC Campus