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Data Services

Data Management Services assists Brandon researchers with the organization, management, and curation of research data to enhance its preservation and access now and into the future

How to use Repositories Training Materials 


Dataverse 101 Training Guide.  
This training module provides an overview of the purpose, importance, and benefits of sharing research data, as well as an overview of the Dataverse repository platform and its key features.  Provided by Portage. 


Dataverse User Guide and the Advanced Dataverse User Guide
Provided by Scholars Portal

Dataverse Overview: Finding and Exploring Data  - YouTube
Provided by Scholars Portal 

Creating, Editing, and Publishing a Dataverse - YouTube 
Provided by Scholars Portal 

Publishing Datasets in Dataverse - YouTube 
Provided by Scholars Portal 

Dataverse Help Guides
A series of user friendly guides to using the Dataverse offered by Scholar’s Portal (the host for Brandon University’s Dataverse.)
By Carlton University, Macodrum Library. 

Federal Research Data Repository 

Get Started With FRDR – YouTube

A series of short instructional videos designed to help researchers, data professionals, librarians, and anyone else who is getting started with the Federated Research Data Repository (FRDR) and would like to learn the basics of using the service, setting up an account, and uploading and downloading datasets using Globus File Transfer.

General Information about Data Repositories 

Repository Options in Canada: A Portage Guide (PDF)
Useful introduction to the Repository options open to researchers in Canada, including How to Decide which Repository to Use. 

Benefits of Using Dataverse   Scholars Portal 
Lists the benefits of Dataverse as well as important features.