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Rural Development Institute

LibGuide for Rural Development students at BU!

Regional Economic Development

Regional economic development consist of one hundred and eighty (180) materials and is broken down into four (4) subcategories namely: rural issues and research (25); regional economic development (146); aboriginal (9); and food processing and agri-business (50). There is an additional 59 regional development publication interests available in print and electronically.

Regional Economic Development (146)

Regional Economic Development Publication Interest (59)

Rural Issues and Research

RDI research promotes analysis of labour market needs issues and trends and has provided expertise by conducting twenty-five (25) research papers.

Rural Issues and Research (25)


Research efforts has strived and RDI has dedicated nine (9) researches to inform rural areas and Aboriginal organizations of regional development strategies.

Aboriginal (9)

Food Processing Agro-Environment

With fifty (50) researches and seventy-four (74) publication interest, RDI's research efforts strive to create new knowledge for improving food processing and agri-business initiatives.

Food Processing Agro-Environment (50)

Food Process - Agro Environment Publication Interest (74)