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Deselection Information for Summer 2022

Deselection Overview

Hello everyone,

Please find what the library is proposing to de-select from the Government Documents collection this summer below.

This list of deselections was created in accordance with the Library Collections Policy. The Library is soliciting interdisciplinary feedback from the Teaching Faculty. We appreciate your feedback by July 13 2022.

What feedback is required?

1. In instances where the materials are requisite for institutional teaching or institutional research at BU, please use the Retention Request form to submit criteria for retention of the item.


2. If any materials on the deselection list are of use only for your research or interest, rather than to the broader community teaching and research priorities, please use the Deselected Items Request form to request the item for your personal use. The most effective access that we can provide to esoteric resources is via Interlibrary Loan from our partner institutions, rather than keeping them in our Library "in case."


3. The Library acknowledges that the system statistics capture usage in a comprehensive, but not exhaustive, manner. In the case of Government Documents, there is also a greater reliance on manual assessment of use. This list was compiled through a shelf inventory. If you see items on the list that you know you have used (either in the Library, or via loan), please share this using the Report Statistical Errors form.


Why is the Library deselecting these materials?

Regular lifecycle management of a library collection includes both acquisition and deselection; this ensures that the institutional collection remains relevant and of the best possible quality.

Why is the Library deselecting so many items?

The Library has a history of not doing holistic deselection work due to a lack of professional Librarian workload capacity to do so. Over the course of decades, this resulted in overgrowth of the collection and significant impact on the accessibility of our spaces. To meet legislated accessibility requirements, mitigate hazards, and maximize student workspaces, the Library will do larger scale deselection now and over the next 3 years.

What is the criteria for deselecting these materials?

Government documents are not consistently catalogued in the Alma/Primo library system. The list was compiled through a shelf inventory of the Government Documents collection, and is arranged accordingly. The list consists of items:

  • that are not aligned to BU’s teaching and research priorities;
  • that are openly accessible online;
  • that are readily available from other academic library partners;
  • that demonstrate little or no in-library use or loan activity;
  • that represent incomplete runs of series;
  • that are outdated, and therefore inaccurate, without historic value;
  • that are in poor physical condition;
  • that originate from geographic locations outside collections development scope (e.g. international materials, materials from other provinces)

I am happy to answer any questions you may have about this process.


Melanie Sucha, MLIS | She/Her | Chief Information Officer
Library, Archives, and IT Services | Brandon University

270 18th Street | Brandon, MB  R7A 6A9
Tel: 204-727-9688   |    Cell: 204-724-2622


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