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What's on this page

The topic cannabis may be too broad to be searched efficiently for a research paper. You might want to consider what aspect of a topic you want to research. The purpose of this LibGuide is to:

  • offer some suggestions for locating material using BU Library resources, and
  • provide some examples of the types of resources that are available to you - both from BU and online elsewhere. These resources are examples of some of the  aspects - business, labour, culture, health, society, and so on -  within the topic cannabis. Each of those aspects also may be narrowed further for research purposes.

The box BU Library Database Links includes links to the BU Library Catalogue and the Full List Of Databases to which BU subscribes.

Two other boxes - A sample of materials available through a BU Library Catalogue search....and  Online Links - Examples -  outline some possible resources for some of the aspects of this topic. This list is not exhaustive. It is not a replacement for a BU Library or BU Library database or other database search/es. Information changes, so it will not be the most up-to-date material. Content may be added or removed at any time. When you are searching for resources, be aware of the dates of your source material to ensure you are getting material from the time that you want.

If you are looking for laws and /or rules and/or regulations, consider the jurisdiction you want. Canada? Manitoba? Another province? A municipality? A city? Another country? Make sure you are gathering information that refers to the jurisdiction you need.

Sometimes it helps to use other terms in your search. Looking for some word alternatives? Try some of these. (from the National Collaborating Centre for Environmental Health publication GROWING AT HOME: HEALTH AND SAFETY CONCERNS FOR PERSONAL CANNABIS CULTIVATION: Appendix A: Literature Search Strategy and Review.)


BU Library Database Links

A sample of materials available through a BU Library search....


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