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Health Studies: PubMed (contains MEDLINE)

This guide includes links and tutorials to help you make the most of Brandon U's library resources for health studies students in the nursing and psychiatric nursing programs.

Databases within PubMed

Listed below are the various collections you can search through PubMed


Create a National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) account so you can:

Save searches, select display formats, use filtering options, and set up automatic searches that are sent by e-mail.

Add results to collections and view search history.  More info


What is the difference between MEDLINE, PubMed, and PMC (PubMed Central)?

You may have heard of these databases and wondered how, or if, these databases were related - and also wondered which one to use.

Brandon University has access to PubMed. Medline is contained within PubMed, so when you search the PubMed database, you are also searching MEDLINE.  Brandon University also has access to PubMed Central, but choose the PubMed database when you are doing your academic research as it is the larger, more comprehensive database.

If you're really curious, this fact sheet explains the differences between the databases in more detail:

Searching PubMed

Some Search Tips for using PubMed:

Quotations - use with caution:

PubMed tries to help you by automatically assigning matching subject headings (MeSH) with your search terms.

For example, if you search skin cancer, PubMed will automatically also search for skin neoplasms because this is the assigned MeSH subject heading..

This helpful function is turned off if you use quotation marks.  "skin cancer" will therefore not search for skin neoplasms.

Select your filters:

Once you have your list of results, take a look at the left side of screen.  You can choose to display more filters and click on your selections to only display, for example systematic reviews, or clinical trials, or the last 5 years of citations.

Journal Categories:

You can limit to MEDLINE journals only, or Nursing Journals only, etc.

Finding Full Text:

PubMed links to some articles but not all.  Look at the top right corner in the article display and follow links from there.  If they do not take you to the full text, try: