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Laura Jacyna

Music Librarian
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Laura Jacyna
Email me to make a virtual appointment at your convenience using Teams, or Zoom, or whatever you prefer!
Hello! My name is Laura and I am the Music Librarian at Brandon University. I am making these Library Guides to help you find your way through the thousands of books and scores we have at the music library. Come and stop by sometime, and feel free to make a reference appointment with me if you need help!

My Guides

Black Music History
Last update: Aug 13, 2021 82 views
Last update: Aug 25, 2022 65 views
Fine Arts
Last update: Mar 9, 2022 40 views
Last update: Nov 4, 2021 258 views
Music Education
Last update: Jun 1, 2021 21 views
Music Library Guide
Last update: Sep 16, 2021 113 views
Last update: May 28, 2021 53 views
Last update: Sep 16, 2021 19 views
Zoom: Faculty
Last update: Aug 13, 2021 85 views
Zoom: Student
Last update: Dec 1, 2021 490 views

My Subject Specialties