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Interlibrary Loans: Home

Learn all about borrowing materials from other libraries.

About Interlibrary Loans

Interlibrary loans (ILL)  is a service that provides access to items not held in our Library but available for borrowing from other libraries. The service:

  • Operates by identifying where requested items are held and then requests them on behalf of our library users.

  • Is available to all Brandon University students, staff and faculty.

  • Is free except in the case of some theses and other costly items. 

  • Can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the difficulty of locating an item and the suppling library.

  • Takes less time if people supply the library with as much information as possible about the item being requested (e.g. Author, TItle, Journal Title, Volume, Issue Number, Page Numbers, Date, etc.)

How to Place an ILL

ILLs can be submitted to us via various Databases and Worldcat, (for books not held in our library).  To do so:

  • Click on and then select Submit an ILL -  or click on .
  • Enter in your Username and Password
  • Ensure all relevant information is in the form.
  • Read the terms and then click on Submit

ILLs can also be typed in manually.  To do so:

  • Go to Login to Your Account
  • Enter your Usename and Password
  • Enter  in all relevant information (The more the better as we can more readily find it for you)
  • Read the terms and then click on Submit

In either case, you will need to use your Brandon University ILL account to do so.

There are several kinds of items you can and cannot get through interlibrary loans.  For more information consult our Borrowing Guidelines, or contact Interlibrary Loans by email at or by phone at 204-727-7316.