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Faculty Research Collection

This guide lists materials pertaining to the research process. Included is everything from research methods, data management, research reporting, etc.

Research Design


  • A Journey Through Qualitative Research: From Design to Reporting. Gaudet, Stephanie.  
  • A Practical Guide to Biomedical Research for the Aspiring Scientist. Agger, Peter    
  • Applied Multivariate Research: Design and Interpretation. Meyers, Lawrence   
  • Bioinformatics Data Skills:  Reproducible and Robust Tools with Open Source Tools.  Buffalo, Vince.  
  • Burns and Grove’s The Practice of Nursing Research: Appraisal, Synthesis and Generation   
    of Evidence. Gray, Jennifer 
    • North Stacks   RT81.5. B86 2017    
  • Canadian Essentials of Nursing Research. Loiselle, Carmen   
  • Case Study Research and Applications: Design and Methods. Yin, Robert
              Second Floor   H62. Y56C37 2018    
  • Contemporary Feminist Research from Theory to Practice. Leavy, Patricia   
  • Critical Ethnography: Method, Ethics and Performance. Madison, D.    

  • Designing Qualitative Research. Marshall, Catherine   
          Second Floor   H62. M277 2011  
  • Doing Academic Research: A Practical Guide to Research Methods and Analysis.  Gournelos, Ted     
  • Educational Research: Planning, Conducting and Evaluating Quantitative and Qualitative Research.   
    Creswell, John  
              Second Floor   LB1028. C742E38 2019    
  • Geocomputation with R.    Lovelace, R     

  • Handbook of Arts-Based Research. Halperin, Sandra   
  • Handbook of Developmental Research Methods. Laursen, Brett   
  • Handbook of Structural Equation Modeling. Hoyle, Rick  
    • North Stacks   QA278.3. H36 2012    
  • Implementing Reproducible Research.   
  • Intensive Longitudinal Methods: An Introduction to Diary and Experience Sampling Research.
    Bolger, Niall  

  • Introduction to Art Therapy Research. Kapitan, Lynn   
  • Nursing Research in Canada: Methods, Critical Appraisal and Utilization. LoBiondo-Wood, Geri. 
    • North Stacks   RT81.5. N874  2018  
  • Oxford Applied Linguistics: Research Methods in Applied Linguistics. Dornyei, Zoltan   


  • Practice of Social Research. Babbie, Earl. 
  • Qualitative Research and Evaluation Methods. Patton, Michael    
  • Qualitative Research from Start to Finish. Yin, Robert   
  • Qualitative Research: A Guide to Design and Implementation. Merriam, Sharan   
  • R Markdown: The Definitive Guide.  Xie, Yihui.    

  • Reflective Educator’s Guide to Classroom Research: Learning to Teach and Teaching to Learn   
    Through Practitioner Inquiry.   
              Second Floor LB1028.24. 
    D35R44 2014   
  • Reason and Rigor: How Conceptual Frameworks Guide Research. Ravitch, Sharon

Second Floor   H62. R38 2012  

  • Reproducible Research with R and R Studio. Gandrud, Christopher   
  • Research Design: Qualitative, Quantitative and Mixed Methods Approaches. Creswell, John

  Second Floor   H62. C6963 2009  

  • Research Methods for the Digital Humanities. Levenberg, Lewis   
  • Research Methods in Education. Cohen, Louis   
  • Research Methods in Linguistics. Podesva, Robert   


  • Research Methods: From Theory to Practice. Gorvine, Ben       

  • Research Process: Canadian Edition. Bouma, Gary   
  • Resource Manual for Nursing Research: Generating and Assessing Evidence for Nursing Practice.    
    Polit, Denise   

  • Robustness Tests for Quantitative Research.   Neumayer, Eric      

  • The SAGE handbook of online Research  methods 
    • North Stacks   ZA4228. S24 2017.  
  • Sage Handbook of qualitative business and management research methods : history and   

Second Floor   HD30.4. S23 2018   

  • Sage Handbook of Qualitative Research in Psychology   
              Second Floor   BF76.5. S23 2017.

  • Sage Handbook of research management

North Stacks   Q180.55. M3S34 2015  

  • Social Research Methods: Fifth Canadian Edition. Bryman, Alan   
  • Strategies for Quantitative Research: Archaeology by Numbers. McCall, Grant   
  • Transparent and Reproducible Social Sciences Research: How to Do Open Science. Christensen, Garret
  •           North Stacks Q180.55.S7 C47 2019    
  • Understanding Nursing Research: Building an Evidence-Based Practice. Grove, Susan.   
              North Stacks  RT81.5 G768U53 2019   

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