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Business: Operations Management

A guide to Business resources available through the Brandon University library and the open web

Research Tips

Research tips for Operations Management:

We have 2 databases that provide company information:

Nexis Uni and EbscoHost Business Source Premier

In both you can search for company information as well as for articles that relate to operations management ideas, such as supply chains.

To start, search for your company:

Nexis Uni:  search under "Company Info" on the lower right side of the search screen.  

EbscoHost Business Source Premier  click on the Menu and select "Company Dossier"


When you're searching for articles, for example in Business Source Premier, include the name of your company and add a word or phrase that describes an aspect of operations management such as "supply chain".

Including the name of your company will give you information specific to that company, but you might want to look for general information about a particular aspect of operations management, supply chains, for example. 


Annual Reports:

Publicly traded companies should have annual reports on their websites.  For example in Google, search for: "annual report" and the name of your company. 

Remember that this what the company says about itself.  Searching Nexis Uni and Ebsco Business Source Premier will find you articles that someone else has written about the company.