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Religious Studies Research Guide: Research Help

Introduction to important research tools in the field of Religious Studies. Includes links to (1) Encyclopedias and Dictionaries, (2) important Databases in the Field and (3) tutorials on how to search different databases.

Virtual Reference Information

What is Virtual Reference?

LibraryH3lp is an Internet chat service provided by library staff. You can use it to receive virtual reference assistance and for information about library and campus procedures. You can access the LibraryH3lp chat service from the bottom right corner of the library's homepage. Just click on this button:



Monday to Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

What We CAN Do:

LibraryH3lp is designed to give quick answers to basic questions about library services and research.  We will try to answer your question in the most efficient way possible and direct you to more information that you will find helpful. Examples of the types of questions we get are: "Do you have this journal article?" or  "What are the hours of the BU Library?"

Via LibraryH3lp, we can send you links to books and ebooks in our catalogue, links to and full text of journal articles if you are a BU student or faculty member, and help you with other information requests. If you need more in-depth research assistance or assistance that we do not have the resources to provide, we will do our best to refer you to the appropriate person or department.

Examples of what we CAN'T do:

  • LibraryH3lp can't obtain access to databases, ebooks, and other electronic materials if they are restricted to registered users of the library that owns them, if you aren't a registered user of that library (e.g. U of M databases are not available to BU patrons).
  • We don't provide document delivery or book loans. We may be able to renew your books, though.
  • We can't do technical troubleshooting, but we will refer you to the Helpdesk.
  • We can't give writing support, but we will refer you to the University's Writing Centre.


What We Can ALSO Do

You can book a phone or email research appointment with library staff by clicking on the "Book a Research Appointment" button on the library's homepage.

You can also contact these library staff people directly: 

Heather Coulter: (204) 727-9773; ;

Marian Ramage: (204) 727-7463;

Getting Help with Your Research

If you find that you need additional help with your research, you can easily get it by:

1. Contacting myself at the address listed on the right.

2. Visiting the Library's Reference Desk where there is always someone who is happy to help you with your research.

3. Contacting the University's Computer Help Desk if you need help with your account.

4. Contacting the Writing Center if you need help citing your paper.

5. Using any one of the Flash Tutorials Listed on the right if you want to see demonstrations of how to do searches on various databases, or learn more about how to do research.

6. Contacting Off-Campus Library Services if you are a Distance Education Student who needs to get a reciprocal borrowers card,  or Borrow materials from our library.


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Carmen Kazakoff-Lane
Carmen Kazakoff -Lane, Scholarly Communications Librarian
John E. Robbins Library - ( LB 2-19 )
270-18th Street
Brandon, Manitoba
R7A 6A9

Ph: (204) 727-7483

*Microsoft Meetings:
*Zoom Invite to

Website Skype Contact: Kazakofflane

Videos to get you started

Pre-recorded videos for class instruction

Class: 69:457 Introduction to Health Research Methods

Class: 36/90:266 Families and Society

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Talks about important research tools known as Databases.

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