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Political Science Research Guide: News

Provides and introduction to key resources used when looking for research materials in the field of Political Science

Finding Current Information

Political Science often involves an assessment of present or recent events - meaning you will have to consult News items.

  • The library provides access to several full-text newspaper databases. Coverage in them occurs over several years / decades, but some can be  a day or two behind what you find at the actual newspaper.

  • News sites  have up to the minute information but allow limited numbers of uses & content may or not be accesible after a few days.

If you need both new and ongoing information:

  • Use one of the Library's Newspaper Databases to locate older articles.

  • Try consulting a News magazine  which contain more of an analysis of an issue as they only come out once every week.

    Finally, if you just need a break from it all, try reading the Fake News - comedy's release from political insanity.

    Newspaper Databases

    The following Databases contain full-text news articles in them. They can be easily accessed from home by entering your Brandon Username and Password when prompted to do so.

    Current Newpaper Databases

    • Canadian Newsstand: Major Dailies
      This full-text database provides indexing to the top Newspapers in Canada.  Among the 18 titles are The Globe and Mail, National Post, Montreal Gazette, Ottawa Citizen, Toronto Star, Regina Leader Post, Edmonton Journal, Vancouver Sun and the Winnipeg Free Press.
    • EBSSOhost Newspaper Source Plus
      Collection of Newspapers from around the Globe.  All are Full-Text
    • New York Times
      Provide searching to its complete back archive as well as full-text access to Newspaper articles from 1987-Present and from 1851-1922.

    Historical Newspaper Databases: Canada


    ​​Independent Voices is an open access digital collection of alternative press newspapers, magazines and journals, drawn from the special collections of participating libraries. These periodicals were produced by feminists, dissident GIs, campus radicals, Native Americans, anti-war activists, Black Power advocates, Hispanics, LGBT activists, the extreme right-wing press and alternative literary magazines during the latter half of the 20th century.

    Library and Archives Canada's collection of Canadian newspapers is the most extensive in the country. It includes newspapers in original newsprint as well as on microfilm, microfiche and digital formats. The collection contains a wide variety of titles including community, regional, ethnic, Indigenous and student newspapers. The Halifax Gazette, Canada's first newspaper; the Canada Gazette, the official newspaper of the Government of Canada; and The Provincial Freeman, an antislavery newspaper, are just a few examples.

    • Manitobia
      Indexes early Newspapers in Manitoba and provides the Full-Text to them.  Coverage varies by title but ranges from 1859-1919.
    • Our Ontario Newpapers
      Search Community Newpapers from across Ontario spanning the period of 200 years.  Is not full-text.
    • Saskatchewan News Index
      Indexes Saskatchewan Newspapers from 1884-2000. 

    Historical Newspapers: World


    News Magazines

    News magazines provide a more in depth coverage of current events - typically coming out Weekly - instead of Daily - so there has been time to gather more information about an ongoing event.  Many Political Magazines are now either available via the Library's Full-Text Databases, or available for Free online.  Some of the more commonly used resources include:

    • Canadian Reference Centre 
      CRC searches Canadian Journals and Canadian Magazines - like Macleans.  You can either search and limit your search to Magazines, or Browse specific magazines via this Database.
    • EBSCOhost Academic Search Premier
      This database operates much like CPI-Q, however, most of its News Magazines will be U.S. in focus.
    • News and Political Magazines
      Provides Links to several online Magazines dealing with Politics.

    Political Analysis Programming


    • The House
      CBC's Weekly broadcast - available in audio - covers political events and interviews political newsmakers.
    • Power &  Politics  with Rosemary Barton
      Provides an in-depth look at that intersection point where politicians, policy, and power meet the people who are affected. Evan will take you through the day's political news, offering a daily topical discussion of key issues affecting Canadians.

    United States

    News Broadcasters

    If you wish to get your news from a Broadcaster, check out one of the web sites for the major news broadcasters.  They include:

    • CBC: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
      CBC is a National Broadcasting Agency with a mandate to cover news across the country. Listen to any number of podcasts, watch streaming shows or listen to its wide array of streaming music radio stations with a wide variety of music styles to select from.
    • CTV: Canadian Television Network
      Privately owned Canadian Network with coverage of Canadian News.
    • Reuters Canada
      Subdivision of Thompson Reuters Media and Business News Service.
    • CNN
      American News Channel which also covers International events.
    • BBC
      With reporters around the Globe, no broadcaster covers International News like BBC.
    • Al Jazerra
      Middle Eastern News agency that covers regional and global news. Provides students with a Middle Eastern Perspective on the News.
    • PBS Newshour
      PBS' nightly National News program with in-depth stories of events in the United States.
    • NPR News
      NPR delivers breaking national and world news. Also top stories from business, politics, health, science, technology, music, arts and culture. It also has several Podcasts.

    News Blogs

    Ah, what would politics today be without blogs?

    While they may not be a source your professor prefers you cite, they often are quick to report new events as well as post editorials and post discussions. 

    A good listing of Political Blogs can be found at the Blogs site.

    Others to watch include:

    • Conscience of a Liberal
      This blog by Nobel Prize Economist Paul Krugman addresses public policy issues in the United States - particularly from the perspective of a Keynsian Economist.  You will find analysis as well as a great deal of data (as Economists are wont to  use.)

      With A PhD in History, and a long history writing on International Affairs, Mr. Dyer provides insightful analysis of International Events.  As he is a syndicated columnist, his articles can also be found in the library's Newspaper Databases.

    For a good analysis of what differentiates news found via Social Media site (like Blogs, Twitter, and YouTube) from more traditional news outlets (Newspapers and Television News) check out a this new report done by Pew for Journalism.Org. It talks about the strengths and weaknesses of each source.

      The Fake News

      Sometimes reading all of the dark things in the news can be depressing and you may need a break from it.  For fun, visit sites that spoof the news - but do not cite them in your papers unless you are writing about the Fake News!  And stay away from Hoax sites whose sole purpose is to be misleading.  Most well known and humorous Spoof sites are:


      • The Rick Mercer Report
        From Rants, to Weekly coverage of Newsmakers to skits, Rick Mercer is Canada's answer to Jon Stewart.  Always worth a watch!
      • This Hour has 22 Minuits
        Spoofs everything from politics to Canadian Society.  Must see classsics:  Marg Princess Warrior, Dakey Dunn, Babe Benntt, Miss Enid and Talking to Americans.

      United States

      • The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.
        Jon Stewart has made it his business to hold the media to a higher standard by pointing out the ludicrous nature of politics and news coverage of politics. His successor is Trevor Noah who brings his own take to covering news and news organizations.
      • Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 
        Take no Prisoners! should be the show's motto given  the humour and analysis in each episode.  American politics seen through the eyes of a British Comedian!
      • The Borowitz Report
        The headlines that most reporters wish they could only print!
      • The Onion
        These people spend all week thinking up great headlines and stories.  They never let facts or reality get in the way of a good story.


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        Off-Campus Access

      If you are a student or faculty member at Brandon University, you can access any Newspaper Database from off campus.

      If you are accessing the library's web site from off campus, most links on the library's web site will first take you to the Proxy Authentication Page, where you can log in with your Brandon University username and password. Once you have logged in, you will be taken to the destination of the link. You should only have to log in once per session.

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