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Interlibrary Loans: Borrowing Guidelines

Learn all about borrowing materials from other libraries.

Materials Eligable and Ineligable for Borrowing

Copyright issues

Our library provides people with access to materials within the confines of copyright.  As a result:

  • We can only borrow One Article out of a Specific Issue of a Journal or Edited Book

    • If more articles are required, they can only be provided IF the lending library will send us the entire journal issue or the entire edited book.

  • Books are generally easily obtained and can be borrowed.

  • Entire copies of some artistic works, such as Musical Scores, are harder to obtain unless:

    • The library is able to locate a lender who will send us the entire work  (e.g. a Musical Score, Musical Recording) and this can be problematic (See Borrowing Types of Materials Section Below)|

    • Copyright has expired

    • An image, chart (etc) are part of a published work (e.g. inserted into a page of a journal article.)

Borrowing types of materials

The library can generally secure books; articles in journals or books; and dissertations or thesis.  Other types of materials are more or less easily obtained from other libraries. These restrictions are due to a number of factors such as:

  • How rare is the item?  If it is only held in one library (i.e. rare) it is unlikely a library will lend the exact copy.
  • What types of materials does each library prefer to  lend due to local needs / concerns?

Each library can set up policies that restrict lending of Musical Performances, Videos, Music Scores, Entire Journal Issues, Microphiche, Archival Documents, Rare Books (etc) if they believe it is important to retain or preserve specific item(s) in their collections.

While the library will endeavor to find requested materials, you need to be prepared to learn it cannot be borrowed if your item is something that does not fall within the parameter of Books, Journal Articles or the Chapter of a Book / Dissertation.

Terms of Loan

The lending library has the right to impose its own conditions of loan and Brandon University Library and its users must adhere to any and all such limitations.

Loan Period
The loan period is normally 2 weeks after we receive the item. If the lending library indicates the material is FOR USE IN LIBRARY ONLY, however, patrons must use the material in the Library and return it to the ILL Office or Circulation Desk at the end of each day.

ILL Identification
Materials borrowed on ILL are identified by page inserts that identify the terms of the loan.


Renewals may be requested for material borrowed on ILL but is dependent upon obtaining the permission of the lending library.  To request a renewal, please contact HeatherTornblom no later that 5 days before the item is due.  Items may be renewed 1 time only.


Items on Interlibrary Loan may be recalled at any time by the lending library. If patrons are notified of any recalls on items they have on loan, these items must be returned immediately regardless of the original due date of the material. If the patron still requires the item, ILL staff will attempt to obtain it from another lending library.


The library reserve the right to charge $1.00 per day per item for any overdue items. In addition, borrowers are financially responsible for all costs assessed by the lending library for overdue materials.

Loss or Damage

If material borrowed on Interlibrary Loan is lost or damaged, the borrower must notify Interlibrary Loan staff by email or notify the staff at the library's Circulation Desk. The borrower is financially responsible for the replacement or repair of materials lost or damaged during his/her use.


It is the policy of the John E. Robbins Library to fully comply with the provisions of the Canadian Copyright Act.  Materials provided through Interlibrary Loan must be used solely for the purpose of private study, research, criticism, review or summary.

Suspension of ILL Privileges

Borrowers who disregard the conditions imposed on loaned materials obtained via Interlibrary Loan may be subject to disciplinary actions inclulding the withdrawal of some or all Interlibrary Loan privileges.

NOTE: Original script taken from Lethbridge University Library and adapted.  December 18, 2014


How Long Does it Take?

Inter-Library Loans can vary in length of time from a few days to a week for the delivery of articles.

ILLs for books will likely take a week or two to have delivered.

All requests should be place early enough to ensure that you have access to the material when you begin your research.

How are ILLs Delivered?

The library provides access to Articles or Book Chapters electronically and you will recieve an email notice of its reciept and how to access these materials using your account.

Books, Theses and other physical items need to be picked up at the Library's Circulation Desk during its Hours of Operation.

Notification of ILLs

If you place an ILL the library will notify you of its receipt via email which you need to check.

You can also learn if an item has been recieved via your RELAIS Account.

Picking up ILLs

Electronic Documents can be accessed using the link provided to you via RELAIS and by using your RELAIS Account.

Physical Items can be picked up at the Libary's Circulation Desk where you will sign out the item(s) sent to you.