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Interlibrary Loans: Articles & Book Chapters

Learn all about borrowing materials from other libraries.

Articles & Book Chapters

Our interlibrary loans department can obtain a copy of a journal article.

  • Before making a request for a journal article, please check our journals list to see if the library has the journal or has access to the full text of the journal. 
  • For copyright reasons, we can only obtain one article per issue of a journal. 
  • You can obtain journal article by submitting requests from databases.  To do so click on  and then select Submit an ILL.
  • To ILL a Journal Article outside of a database click here, enter your username and password, select Request Article, and fill out the Form. 
  • To obtain the article, we need to know the title of the article, the author, the title of the journal, the volume, issue and year of the journal and the page numbers of the article.

Note: If you are a distance education student residing in a major urban center with another University (like Winnipeg), you may wish to check with the local university to see if it has the journal your article is in. Because we need to borrow the item from the library and then ship it to you, the interlibrary loan process will be much slower than if you got the article yourself.

Links to various catalogs can be found here or at Worldcat.


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