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How to Post an Electronic Theses (eTheses): What is an eTheses?

Guide lists all the steps one needs to follow when posting an e-Thesis to BU's Open Access Repository (IRBU)

Is there any Difference between a Thesis and eTheses?

Essentially no.  Your eTheses is a digitized version of your final, approved, Graduate Studies Theses / Performance  that is made openly available to readers / listeners worldwide.  In order to facilitate this there is some additional paperwork. This guide highlights what needs to occur.  

Advantages of eTheses

Publishing one's findings is all about disseminating knowledge to a wide audience.  By making your Thesis openly available at BU's Thesis site, you will benefit from:

  • Global Exposure and Self Promotion
    Your Thesis can be read anywhere in the world in full text by prospective employers, researchers, colleagues, friends and relatives. 
  • Faster and Wider Accessibility
    Your Thesis will be processed quickly and available from Google, Google Scholar, BU Library Catalog, Theses Canada Portal, WorldCat, and elsewhere.
  • Lower costs and Less Paper
    Save money and trees.  Give a paper copy to your Thesis Advisor, Committee Members, and one copy to the John E. Robbins Library.  Give URLs to everyone else and use the link in your Resume.


Can a Thesis' Online Publication be Postponed?

Brandon University Theses and Defense Guidelines specifies that as part of your submission of a Final Thesis Copy, you must submit (1) an electronic form of your Thesis and (2) a  Thesis / Practicum Report Copyright License and Declaration to your advisor.  This submission is a mandatory undertaking in order to graduate.  Upon signing the declaration, (1) the University is granted specific rights including that of reproducing, distributing, displaying, performing and transmitting your work and (2)  the license is retroactively dated to the date of submission of the Thesis to the University.

In some instances a one-year postponement of publication and copying can be requested from the Dean of Graduate studies, but it is only granted in exceptional cases.  Reasons for postponement might include a pending patent, a thesis in process of being published, or if persecution would result from immediate publication of the thesis.  In such instances the Dean, in consultation with the student's Advisor, will determine the restrictions, if any.


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