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How to Post an Electronic Theses (eTheses): Uploading to Institutional Repository at Brandon University (IRBU)

Guide lists all the steps one needs to follow when posting an e-Thesis to BU's Open Access Repository (IRBU)

Submission of Final Thesis Copy

Your final post-defense thesis has been approved by your thesis advisor.  Congratulations!  Now it is time to share your hard work with the world.

Begin by submitting an electronic copy of your (1) final Approved Thesis and (2) Thesis Copyright License  to the John E. Robbins Library at Brandon University.  Upon receipt of both, the library can and will make your thesis openly available.  In the past thesis were posted on the Library's Thesis Guide but are now made available via the Institutional Repository of Brandon University (IRBU)

IRBU can host not only a thesis but media files, images, data, maps, etc.  So if you have additional files associated with your thesis, you may wish to include them as well.  Just make sure to follow earlier instructions related to copyright, privacy and file types.

Institutional Repositories also provide room for abstracts and keywords.  These are used by search engines like Google Scholar to easily locate publications. In order to facilitate easier location of your thesis it is advisable that you also submit 5-10 Keywords that identify the central  topics discussed.  These will be uploaded with the thesis abstract into the repository. 

Once in the repository the content will be assigned a Creative Commons license that consistent with the wording in your Copyright License.  This provides viewers with important information related to their ability to read and share your work.  At the same time you retain copyright.



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