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Faculty Research Collection

This guide lists materials pertaining to the research process. Included is everything from research methods, data management, research reporting, etc.

Qualitative Research Sources


  • A Journey Through Qualitative Research: From Design to Reporting. Gaudet, Stephanie. 

 Second Floor   H62. G47  


  • Collecting and Interpreting Qualitative Materials

Second Floor   H62. C566 2008  

  • Critical Ethnography: Method, Ethics and Performance.   Madison, D.  
  • Designing Qualitative Research.   Marshall, Catherine  

Second Floor   H62. M277 2011  

  • Educational Research: Planning, Conducting and Evaluating Quantitative and     
    Qualitative Research
    .   Creswell, John  
              Second Floor   LB1028. C742E38 2019    
  • Engaging in Narrative Inquiry.  Clandinin, Jean.  
  • Focus Groups:   A Practical Guide for Applied Research.  Krueger, Richard.  

  • Handbook of Arts-Based Research.   Halperin, Sandra    
  • How qualitative data analysis happens : moving beyond "themes emerged".   
              ON ORDER   H62 .H655 2019     
  • Interviewing as Qualitative Research: A Guide for Researchers in Education and the   
    Social Sciences
    .    Seidman, Irving

Second Floor   H61.28. S45 2013   

  • Introduction to Art Therapy Research. Kapitan, Lynn   
  • Narrative Inquiry: A Dynamic Approach.  Daiute, Colette    
  • Narrative Inquiry: Experience and Story in Qualitative Research.  Clandinin, Jean

Second Floor   LB1028. C55    

  • Oxford Handbook of Qualitative Research     

  • ​​Practical Theology and Qualitative Research.  Swinton, John   
  • Preparing Literature Reviews:  Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches.  Pan,  Ling   
  • Qualitative Inquiry and Research Design: Choosing among Five Approaches.  Creswell, John    
  • Qualitative Methods for Health Research.  Green, Judith   
  • Qualitative Research and Evaluation Methods.  Patton, Michael   
  • Qualitative Research Design: An Interactive Approach.   Maxwell, Joseph


  • Qualitative Research in Action: A Canadian Primer.  Van den Hoonaard, Deborah  


  •  Qualitative Research in Health Care.  Pope.  Catherine.

ON ORDER   RA440.85 .Q35 2020  



  • Qualitative Research in Nursing and Healthcare.  Holloway, Immy

North Stacks  RT81.5. H656Q35 2017   

  • Qualitative Research in Nursing: Advancing the Humanist Imperative.  Streubert, Helen

North Stacks RT81.5. S78 2011  

  • Qualitative Research: A Guide to Design and Implementation.  Merriam, Sharan.  
  • Research Methods in Anthropology: Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches.    
    Bernard, Russell   

  • The Relational Ethics of Narrative Inquiry.    Clandinin, Jean    
  • The SAGE handbook of qualitative data collection. 
    • Second Floor   H62. S2749 2018   
  • The SAGE handbook of qualitative research

Second Floor   H62. H2455 2018   

  • Sage Handbook of Qualitative Research in Psychology 

Second Floor   BF76.5. S23 2017    

  • Undertaking discourse analysis for social research.   Dunn,  Kevin C.  

​​H62. D7966U53 2016