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Faculty Research Collection: Indigenous Methodology

This guide lists materials pertaining to the research process. Included is everything from research methods, data management, research reporting, etc.

Indigenous Methods Resources

  • Decolonizing Methodologies: Research and Indigenous Peoples.  Tuhiwai-Smith,  Linda

Second Floor   GN380. S65D43 2012    

  • Decolonizing Research: Indigenous Storywork as Methodology.  Tuhiwai,  Linda

Second Floor   GN380. D433 2019  


  • Indigenous Research Methodologies.  Chilisa,  Bagele
  • Second Floor   GN380 .C494 2020   
  • Indigenous Research: Theories, Practices and Relationships.  McGregor,  Deborah

Second Floor  E76.7 I53 2018   

  • Research and Reconciliation.  Wilson,  Shawn

Second Floor   GN380 .R47 2019    

  • Research as Resistance: Revisiting Critical, Indigenous and Anti-Oppressive Approaches.   
    Brown,  Leslie

Second Floor  E78. C2R484 2015      

  • Research is Ceremony: Indigenous Research Methods.  Wilson,  Shawn

Second Floor GN380. W554 2008  

Second Floor  GN380. S68 2017