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Challenging books

What is a challenge?

Source: Law, J. & Schrader, A. M. (2018). Understanding challenges to books and magazines. Freedom to read.


Videos on challenging and banning books

Challenged books over the years

The censorship of books has been an ongoing process even in years past. The Office for Intellectual Freedom (OIF) highlights the Top 10 Most Challenged Books from 2001 to 2021. These books have been challenged for a number of reasons including portrayals of themes pertaining to sexual material, offensive language, violence, homosexuality and more. 

Source: American Library Association.(2023, March 26). Top 10 most challenged books listsOffice of Intellectual Freedom.

What content is most challenged?

Respect and safety are for everyone, in every school, however 2SLGBTTQQIA+ people (particularly transgender individuals) typically experience higher rates of harassment, discrimination, suicide, as well as poor mental and physical health outcomes. Creating school environments that respect and affirm gender diversity will empower all students and employees. Gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation are protected rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Manitoba Human Rights Code. Nevertheless, values of inclusion and diversity in libraries and schools for 2SLGBTTQQIA+ persons remain a challenge. An article in the Washington Post, noted that books with LGBTQ characters or themes are in fact fast becoming the main target of the wave of school book challenges.


Source: Natanson, H. (2023, June 9). Objection to sexual, LGBTQ content propels spike in book challenges. The Washington Post.