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Diversity in Vocal Music: Home

Welcome to the Diversity in Vocal Music LibGuide. Here you will find examples of resources for different underrepresented groups that are available through the music library!

The Anthology of New Music for Trans and Nonbinary Voices

Curated by writer and singer Aiden K. Feltkamp, this collection of 21 works for solo voice and piano accompaniment is ideal for trans and nonbinary singers looking for repertoire written by their community, teachers searching for exciting new repertoire for their studios, presenters expanding the diversity of their programming, and singers of any ability or gender seeking out new works. The anthology spans genres, including Western classical art song, opera, musical theatre, and singer-songwriter.
These works, all of which were composed in the 21st century, represent a broad range of compositional styles from composers living and writing today, and were curated for beginner through advanced singers of all vocal ranges. (All songs are available for transposition into any key by request to publisher).

Japanese Art Song Anthology. Volume 1: High Voice

Kojo no tsuki = The moon over the ruined castle / Rentaro Taki ; arr. Kosaku Yamada ; text by Bansui Doi -- Karatachi no hana = Karatachi blossoms / Kosaku Yamada ; text by Hakushu Kitahara -- Aka tonbo = Red dragonfly / Kosaku Yamada ; text by Rofu Miki -- Defune = Setting sail / Haseo Sugiyama ; text by Kogetsu Katsuta -- Hamabe no uta = Song of the beach / Tamezo Narita ; text by Kokei Hayashi -- Kuju-kuri-hama = At the beach of Kuju-kuri ; Nara-yama = Over the hills of Nara / Kozaburo Y. Hirai ; text by Shihoko Kitami -- Basha = Horse-drawn carriage / Shin'ichi Takata ; text by Tatsuji Miyoshi -- Natsu no omoide = The memories of summer / Yoshinao Nakada ; text by Shoko Ema -- Oyasumi = Goodnight / Yoshinao Nakada ; text by Rofu Miki -- Sakura yokocho = Cherry alley / Yoshinao Nakada ; text by Shuichi Kato -- Sakura yokocho = Cherryblossoms lane / Sadao Bekku ; text by Shuichi Kato.

Anthology of Latin American and Iberian Art Songs by Women Composers

An Anthology of Latin American and Iberian art songs by Women composers including 23 songs in Spanish, Catalan, and Portuguese by five composers from Argentina, Brazil, Catalunya, Cuba, and Colombia. The book includes a bilingual introductory study presenting the composers and poets, poetry translations, and sheet music.

24 Italian Songs & Arias by Women Composers

This volume offers a refreshing alternative to the many Italian Songs and Arias books geared towards young singers. It celebrates women composers who composed solo music in Italian beginning in the Late-Renaissance period. These songs, arias, and madrigals have been compiled and annotated by Nicole Leone and noted vocal pedagogue, Randi Marrazzo, whose "First Solos" volumes continually rank among our most popular vocal collections. The collection includes several songs in multiple keys to make it a great resource for all voice types.

Korean Art Songs: an Anthology and Guide for Performance and Study Volume 2: Original Keys

Geu-dae isseu-mae = Because you are here / Kim Sun Ae -- Yeo-hawa-neun na-ui mokjjasini = The Lord is my shepherd / La Ung Yung -- Myeong-tae = Pollock / Bien Houhn -- Nimi osi-neunji = Is my lover coming? / Kim Kyu Hwan -- Geu-riun Geum-gangsan = Longing for Mount Geum-gang / Choi Young-Sharp -- Gang-gang-sullae = Gang-gang-sullae / Paik Byung Dong -- Bimok = Wooden tombstone / Chang Ihl Nam -- Biga = Elegy / Kim Lyun Joon -- Nun = Snow / Kim Hyogun -- Ari Arirang / Ahn Jeong Jun -- Ihwau = Pear blossom rain / Lee Won-ju.

Art Songs and Spirituals: by African-American Women Composers

Calvary (spiritual) ; In the springtime ; It's me, O Lord (spiritual) / Betty Jackson King -- Watch and pray (spiritual) ; Love let the wind Cry...How I adore Thee ; I am in doubt ; Is there anybody here that loves my Jesus (spiritual) ; Come down angels (spiritual) / Undine Smith Moore -- I'm a poor li'l orphan in this worl' (spiritual) ; Free at last (spiritual) / Julia Perry -- Dry bones (spiritual) ; Lord, I just can't keep from cryin' (spiritual) ; The Negro speaks of rivers ; Three dream portraits: Minstrel man, Dream variation, and I, too ; He's got the whole world in His hand (spiritual) / Margaret Bonds -- My dream ; Song to the Dark Virgin ; Night ; My soul's been anchored in the Lord (spiritual) / Florence Price.