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This guide covers the basics of finding and using government documents and provides links to various governmental and public resources.



Welcome to the Government Documents LibGuide!

This Library Guide is designed to help you find Canadian and Provincial Government Document information in BU Library and online.

If you need materials from other jurisdictions, ask us for help.

If you would like help with locating information (for this or any other research topic), please ask us.

  • The Government Documents Office is in the North Stacks.
  • The Reference Desk is on the Main Floor of the Main Library.
  • Or, you may ask for help at either Circulation Desk in the BU Library. In addition, you may make an appointment (see the options on the right of this screen), give us a call, use our Chat service, or email us.

Things to know about Government Documents

  • Governments publish a lot of information on a wide variety of topics.
  • Sometimes it will make a difference which Government published the Gov Doc you want - for example, if you want a specific law, it is useful to know if it is a Canadian Gov Docs, a Manitoba Gov Doc, another provincial document, and so on. If you need help with this, ask us.
  • Increasingly, these Gov Docs are available on the web. The BU Library cannot always get paper versions of these items.
  • There are databases which index fulltext online Gov Docs. These will make it easier to identify online Gov Docs.
  • There are Canadian Statistics in places other than the Census.
  • Looking for Canadian Censuses? Chances are, you are looking at a year ending in a 1 (2011, 2001, 1991, and so on) or a 6 (2006, 1996, 1986, and so on). Many of these documents are in the BU Library Collection.
  • A search on the BU Library Catalogue/One Stop Search will return Gov Docs (and videos, ebooks, streaming videos, and so on) along with all other results that match your search.
  • Not all Gov Docs in the BU Library are on the BU Library Catalogue. (Census publications, for example.) Please ask when you cannot find what you want.
  • Not all Gov Docs in the BU Library are in the Gov Docs area. They may be found in other locations, including Main, Music, Reference, Oversize, and Reserve.

Subject Guide

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Heather Coulter
Gov Docs Office
Second Floor - North Stacks


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Marian Ramage
Library, main floor, room 111 (beside the Inter-Library Loan office)