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Indigenous Curriculum Collection / ICC: Home

An overview of the ICC

Where is it? 

The Indigenous Curriculum Collection - the ICC - is located on the Main Floor of the John E. Robbins Library at Brandon University.

Most of this collection is only available in a physical format - in the Library - but some content may be online as well.

What types of resources are in the ICC?

The collection includes:

  • Books shelved by call number
  • Indigenous Inquiry Kits - Books - on individual themes (collected into Kits and shelved by the Kit number) 
  • Classroom Reading Sets (multiple copies of the same book title to be used in a classroom setting)
  • DVDs
  • Audio Books
  • Music CDs
  • Puppets, Posters, Games, and other media & formats of educational materials.

Can anyone use the Collection?

Yes. The items within the ICC are simply in a single area of the Library. Access is not restricted. Library users are welcome to browse the collection, and anyone with borrowing privileges at the BU Library may sign out material from the ICC.

What is the purpose of the ICC?

The ICC is a collection of materials designed to assist teachers in public schools indigenize their lessons and teaching.

Are all the items in the collection "children's books" - juvenile literature?

No. The collection does include children's books (books for children, or picture books), but also includes academic books, fiction for all ages, poetry, dvds, cds, kits (which may include books, charts, puppets, dvds, and other media). Some the books and other materials in this collection are duplicate copies of materials found elsewhere in the BU Library - for example, in the Main Collection. This means that if the title you want is signed out of the ICC, another copy may be available elsewhere in the BU Library. If you need help with finding material please ask for assistance.

I don't have time to browse this collection. Is the material in the ICC on the BU Library catalogue?

Yes. When you a search on the BU Library catalogue, materials from the ICC will be returned with your results. Note that the collection may not be searched separately on its own.

Is any of the material in the ICC available in a language other than English?

Yes. For example, Cree, Dakota, Ojibwa, and French are some of the languages represented.

Are there multiple copies of items within the ICC?

Sometimes yes. The same title might occur throughout the BU Library collection.  For instance, the book Fatty Legs by Christy Jordan-Fenton is shelved by its call number in the ICC, another copy is in the Indigenous Inquiry Kit #36 (Residential Schools) and nine copies are available in a classroom reading set (Kit # 632). 

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