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A guide to Sociology resources available through the John E. Robbins library

Subject Guide

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Finding Sociological Scholarly Articles

This library guide focuses specifically on resources and strategies for finding sociological scholarly sources.

Sociological sources are research and publications that are based on sociological theories and paradigms and their founders.  

Sociological Sources

Because sociology studies a wide variety of groups within society, it overlaps with many other areas of study.  For this reason, other databases can also be very useful for finding sociological sources.  There are several ways to help ensure that your research results are sociologically based:

  • include the term sociolog* in your searches.  This will ensure that all results in your list will contain at least one word that begins with sociolog: sociology, sociologist, sociological, sociologically. 
  • include the name of a sociological theory or theorist that pertains to you topic.  For example, Rational Choice Theory
  • narrow your search results to those that are published in a sociological journal or by the American Sociological Association

Below is a sample of other databases that can provide sociological sources