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Deselection of periodicals and subscriptions

This LibGuide contains a list of periodical and subscription cancellations for this fiscal year.


The deselection of periodicals and subscriptions

The Library conducts an annual review of periodical and subscriptions as part of our ongoing evaluation of resources. Below is a listing of subscriptions cancelled for this fiscal year. While subscription cancellation differs from deselection and removal of physical items from the collection, in keeping with the spirit of the Library Collections Policy, we are advising the campus community of this work.

Review of these resources is necessary to ensure an adequately balanced acquisitions budget, while investing in the resources that most effectively support BU’s teaching and research needs. As with many other costs, subscription resources are subject to inflation, requiring careful management of a static budget against fluctuating costs.

The list of cancellations includes titles that:

  1. Show low use according to available usage data;
  2. Have substantial overlap with other subscription resources or publicly available online resources (e.g. government documents);
  3. Have not maintained an up-to-date publishing cycle (i.e. we have not received new issues in several years).

In cases where cancellation of a resource impacts on Faculty members’ teaching and research requirements, please advise the Library team. We are happy to work with you to determine alternate paths to obtaining the information required, and to otherwise enhancing teaching and research activities with pointers to resources in the collection. In cases where a resource in not available in-house, we can also help direct requests through interlibrary loan.

Chris Hurst, Faculty of Science Liaison:

Laura Jacyna, Music Librarian:

Carmen Kazakoff-Lane, Faculty of Arts Liaison:

Stacey Lee, Faculty of Health Studies Liaison:

Rainer Schira, Faculty of Education Liaison:

Melanie Sucha, CIO: