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A guide to copying and digitization at Brandon University

What Is A Course Pack?


A course pack is any collection of articles, book chapters or material that is distributed in any way to students. There does not have to be a charge to the students for a course pack to be a course pack. However, course packs that have charges have to have their contents reported to Access Copyright even if the course pack is not sold through the bookstore.

During this period when classes are offered online, faculty will be forced to place course materials into Moodle.  

Course Packs


Access Copyright and Course Pack Restrictions

You may make a copy of a book in Access Copyright's repertoire or copy up to 20% of a work in Access Copyright's repertoire that is:

  • an entire article, short story, play, essay or poem, or reproduction of an artistic work from a volume containing other published works.
  • an entire article or page from a newspaper or periodical.
  • an entire entry from an encyclopedia or similar reference work or an entire reproduction of an artistic work from a publication.
  • one chapter of a book, provided the chapter is no more than 20% of that book.

To see if a work is the Access Copyright repertoire, consult the Access Copyright Repertoire LookUp Tool, available at Sheet music can not be in a course pack. Material published by the Government of Canada or any province except Quebec or any foreign country except Australia and Norway can not be in a course pack. 

Special arrangements can be made with Access Copyright if the amount to be copied exceeds 20% of the book. Please contact Laura-Lee Lauder at the address below for details.

You may copy as much of a work if you have the copyright holder's permission, the work was published under a creative commons license or the work is no longer in copyright. A recently published book that has fallen out of print is still in copyright.

The Access Copyright Log must be filled out for each course pack created even if the course pack is not sold through the bookstore. The blank Excel file can be found here. The completed log must be returned to Laura-Lee Lauder (if the course pack is sold through the bookstore) or Susan Smale (if the course pack is sold through the department). Works that are reproduced with the copyright holder's permission, works published under a creative commons license or works that are no longer in copyright do not have to be entered on the log.

Download the Photocopy Log File (Excel file format)

For assistance, questions and for creating course packages contact:

Laura-Lee Lauder, Textbook Buyer
Phone: 204-727-9764 (on campus #764)
Fax: 204-726-8205


For general questions about copyright contact:
Chris Hurst
Phone: 204-727-9687 (on campus #687)
E-mail: Hurst@Brandonu.Ca

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