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A guide to copying and digitization at Brandon University

Instructional Videos with Public Performance or Streaming Rights

Most of the instructional videos/DVDs purchased by the library were purchased with accompanying public performace rights. In many case, the library also purchased streaming rights. This means that some of the limitations outlined in the bottom half of the box to the right do not apply. If you are in doubt, please contact Chris Hurst ( or at 687).

Commercial films will almost always have the limitations outlined to the right.

Showing Videos / DVDs in Class

Thanks to provisions in the Copyright Modernisation Act (C-11), the public performance of cinematographic works (videos/DVDs) for educational purposes does not constitute a copyright infringement. This exception is clearly defined, and must respect all of the following conditions.

  •  Performances must occur within a structured educational context, for clearly identifiable educational and/or training purposes related to the core, required curriculum being taught.
  • Performances must be by instructors acting under the authority of the educational institution or a person who is directly responsible for setting a curriculum for the educational institution.
  • Performances must occur for students enrolled in the educational institution.
  • Performances must occur for non-profit reasons – this includes “charity” fundraisers.
  • The video/DVD used must be a legally obtained copy. 

The following are examples where the educational exemption do not apply

  • Presentations taking place outside of normal teaching hours.
  • Presentations taking place for non-curriculum related purposes.
  • Presentations taking place as part of student union or activity programs.
  • Presentations taking place for fund-raising purposes.
  • Presentations taking place where the general public is invited (i.e. parents, siblings, etc…).
  • Presentations taking place in classes, but for reasons not directly related to the curriculum.

News and Commentary

There is an exception in copyright that allows instructors to make and show copies of news and commentary broadcasts for educational purposes. Any Brandon University instructor is permitted to:

·         make, at the time of its communication to the public by telecommunication, a single copy of a news program or a news commentary program, excluding documentaries, for the purposes of showing the copy for Brandon University students for educational or training purposes; and

·         show the copy in public before an audience consisting primarily of Brandon University students on its premises for educational or training purposes.

(from UBC's site on Copyright Resources)

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