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Teams: A Guide in Microsoft 365

A guide to working with Teams for students, staff and faculty.

What is Teams?

     What is Teams?

 Microsoft Teams is a collaborative workspace within Microsoft 365/Office 365 that acts as a central hub for workplace conversations,            collaborative teamwork, video chats and document sharing, all designed to aid worker productivity in a unified suite of tools. Teams is              available as a desktop app, via web browser, and as a mobile app and is supported across all major operating systems, such as Windows,          macOS, iOS and Android.


What can Teams do?

What can you do with Teams?

With Teams, users can call upon a variety of key Microsoft 365 apps and tools to help them work more effectively, such as:

  • Calendars and meetings (Outlook)
  • Create, share, edit and find content (SharePoint, OneDrive and OneNote)
  • Call and meet team members (Skype)
  • Chat and instant messaging (Skype)
There are some differences among the web app, the desktop apps, and the mobile apps. The desktop apps support all the features
built into Teams. The web app fully supports calls and meetings, but only through Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.