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Teams: A Guide in Microsoft 365

A guide to working with Teams for students, staff and faculty.

Who has access to Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is currently available to all Brandon University Student, Faculty and Staff.

What is the difference between a team and a channel?


Teams are collections of people, content, and tools that center around different projects and jobs within an organization.  In Teams, team members can have conversations and share files, notes etc. all in one place. Teams are made up of Channels.

If you select Teams in the sidebar, it displays the channels for your Team.  You need to be a team owner to add members to the team.  Anyone on the team can add channels.


Channels are the conversations you have with your Team members, and allow you to keep your Team conversations organized by topic, department, or project.  A channel is where your work gets done, and can be dedicated to specific topics, projects ,etc. To learn how to add a channel to your team, please see this Microsoft support article.  
Note: You cannot create a sub-channel.

Each new channel created in a Team will create a new folder at the root of the Teams/Group's folder.  This is how Teams handles file sharing inside the channels.  By default, every team will have a 'General' channel and folder.

Can I use Teams without being a member of a team?

You do not need to create a team in order to use the Teams workspace. You can have conversations using Chats — either one‑on‑one or with up to 100 people in a group chat.

What are "apps" in Microsoft Teams, and how do I use them?

Apps help you find content from your favorite services and share it right in Teams. Click here to find an article explaining how to use them.

How do I log out of Microsoft Teams?

To sign out of Teams:

  • Click your profile picture at the top of the app
  • Select Sign out.

Mac users, go to the app menu bar at the top of your screen click Microsoft Teams > Log Out Teams.

You'll be able to sign in later with the same account or different credentials.

To sign out of Teams:

  • Tap More More button 
  •  Settings 
  •  Sign out

You'll be able to sign in later with the same account or different credentials.