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Zoom: Faculty: Breakout Rooms

Explanation, use, help/contacts

Breakout Room

To enable Breakout room you need to sign into your paid Zoom account at

On the left side of the screen, find Profile and click on the option for Settings. 

Scroll through the options until you come to Breakout room.

Click on the toggle – you want it to be blue.


Once you have done this, the option for Breakout Room will appear in the Zoom tray of your meeting.


Breakout rooms can only be pre-assigned to students who have already signed up for their own Zoom accounts. 

One suggestion for setting up Breakout rooms is to have someone in the class assist you. 

You would have to make them Host and provide them with a list of student names for each Breakout room.

The assistant Host would manually assign each student into their Breakout room while you conduct class. The students would not be moved into their Breakout room automatically at this point – this would happen when you are ready to open the rooms, and do so.

When the assistant has completed the assigning of students to rooms, they would transfer the Host control back to you.

You are then free to open the Breakout rooms.