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Zoom: Faculty: Recording in each Breakout Room

Explanation, use, help/contacts

Recording in Each Breakout Room - HOST

Record each Breakout Room

To enable a designated Recording Person in a Breakout Room to record and retain a recording from individual Breakout Rooms, a Host should:

1) Find a volunteer to act as a Recording Person for each Breakout Room. 

2) Recording Person must be on a laptop or computer— iPads and iPhones do not have the Record feature.

3) Have instructions prepared to inform each volunteer how you want the files titled and shared after the class ends.

4) Click on the More next to the name of each volunteer who will be Recording Person and give them permission - Allow to Record.

5) Create your Breakout Rooms.

6) Once you have a group of volunteers - enough for one to be assigned to each of the Breakout Rooms you intend to create, then you may assign each member of the class to a Breakout Room, along with one of your volunteers.

7) At this point, you as the Host begin your recording click Record. You are recording the Main Session and any Breakout Room you drop into - this recording feature follows you.

8) Explain the purpose for recording the Main Session and within the Breakout Rooms to the class - for example, to document the development of a group project.

9) Open the Breakout Rooms. As soon as you open a Breakout Room, the assignees will be moved there automatically if you set that up. If not, the assignees will be asked to join their assigned room via a popup feature.


Recording in Each Breakout Room - Volunteer designated by Host to be the Recording Person

Recording Person: Once each group is in their respective Breakout Room, the Recording Person in each Room will announce to the group that recording is about to begin.

The Recording Person will:

  1. Click Record (If given the option to save to your computer, answer yes.)
  2. When discussion in your Breakout Room is complete, click Stop recording.
  3. When Breakout Rooms are closed by the Host, all participants will be returned to the Main Session.
  4. When the Main Session is ended,  Zoom will begin automatically to convert each Breakout Room recording for each Recording Person on their own computer. 
  5. Each recording automatically will be turned into an mp4 file and Zoom will open to that file (blue icon probably labelled Zoom_0). This conversion process will take roughly as long as it did to record the Breakout Room. The Recording Person should not shut down their computer during this time.
  6. The Recording Person will follow the Host's instructions for file renaming and sharing.