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Zoom: Student: The Basics

Zoom requirements / Getting into your course

Using Zoom at Brandon University

Before the Course Begins 

Technology Requirements

You will need a laptop or desktop computer to support your learning. A webcam and headset/speakers and microphone are ideal for synchronous learning activities. While a smartphone or tablet is a good workaround for videoconferencing access, these devices don’t work as well for sharing screens and other Zoom options.

High-speed internet is important for videoconferencing activities, such as Zoom. A minimum speed of 4 mbps is recommended. You can check and verify the speed of your internet connection at websites such as or fast.comThe faster your connection to the internet, the better Zoom will work for you. For further information, contact the BU IT Helpdesk.

Information About Joining a Class

If your BU course uses Zoom online video conferencing to meet, your professor may:

  1. email you a Zoom link for your course:
  • the email will include the Zoom link (which will contain a meeting number, and a password).
  • it probably will be recurring, meaning you will use this same Zoom link to connect to this particular course again.
  • save this Zoom link somewhere where you can find it.
  • if you want to create a recurring event for this course in your online calendar, it’s a good idea to paste this Zoom link into the event.


  1. email you an invitation for the course:
  • this emailed invite will include a Zoom link to the course (which will contain a meeting number, and a password).
  • accept the invitation. This will save the invite into your online calendar for all dates included in the invitation. The calendar entry will include the Zoom link. 
  • if you do not use an online calendar, save the Zoom link where you may find it.


  1. notify you that the Zoom link for the course is on Moodle:
  • log onto Moodle, then log into your course on Moodle.
  • locate the Zoom link.
  • connect from there.

Join a Class Using Zoom

You want to be in your class 10 minutes before start time. Use the given Zoom link to connect to Zoom. 

If your professor did not include a link, but only a Zoom meeting number and password, you may still connect.

  • Open a web browser
  • Go to
  • Choose “join a meeting”
  • Enter the meeting number
  • Enter the meeting password when prompted

Once you connect, you will be asked to

  • Join with Video - click on this option.
  • Then, you will be asked to Join with Computer Audio - click on this option. (Connecting by phone may cause long-distance charges).

You have joined the class.

Please display your full first and last name so your instructor may identify you. (If your name does not display, right-click anywhere on the Zoom screen. Rename should become an option.)

Chat is available as an option at the bottom of the Zoom screen. Click this option to display Chat.

If the Zoom link does not work, contact your instructor as soon as possible.

If you are disconnected from Zoom during a class, reuse the link to return to class. (Repeat the process explained above to join the class to re-enter the class.)