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Indigenous Resources - Background, Policy, Analysis: Family History/Genealogy

This guide is an introduction to some of the books, articles, and online resources available to you.

What's on this Page

In addition to the options for Metis and Archives materials listed below, this page contains a selection of online sources and a short note on materials available in the BU Library.

For information specific to Metis resources, see the Metis Library Guide. For general information on conducting family history research, please contact the S. J.McKee Archives.

Family History/Genealogy - Suggestions

     Newspaper obituary notices can be an excellent source for family history.

      See details for this site in the RG Series tab in this Guide 


And some material in our Library....

Note that BU Library does have an incomplete collection of RG10 microfilm reels.

Reference E78. C2P81, Microforms E78. C2P81 Archival records RG10 from the Dept. of Indian Affairs / [microform] / Issued by the Public Archives of Canada. The microfilm reels are located in the MF collection, Main Floor. The print guides are in the Main Reference collection.

Online options for the RG10 series and School Files are noted in the section Suggestions on this page. 

Please note: The BU Library collection is comprised of microfilm reels. BU Library does not have a complete collection - BU has:
Black series, 1872-1959. Volumes 3555-4095, reels C9639-9640, C10098-10187, C10190-10192, C10194-10198, C10203-10204, C11063 (index).
School files, 1879-1958. "... files dealing with all aspects of Indian school administration throughout Canada", [including names of staff and residents.] Volumes 6001-6491, reels C7908-7963, C8134-8219, C8639-8803, C9801-9811, C9641-9642 (indexes).
Field Office correspondence and miscellaneous, 1833-1954 (incomplete). Volumes 999A-1728 (incomplete), reels C13900-13903, C13913-13936, C14250-14273, C14275, C14278-14280, C14297, C14838, C14865, C14866, T1455-1459, T1461, T1462, T1464, T1465, T1467-1476.
Deputy Superintendent General’s letterbooks, 1879-1924. Volumes 1078-1133, reels C7208-7723, C8626-8636, C 9000-9009.