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Overview: Left

1) Log in to your account on Moodle.

2) Once you are logged in, click on the My Courses link at the top of the page.

You will see all courses for which you have permissions.

Click on the course you wish to access.

You will see your course page - it will have 3 columns - left, right, and middle.

If you do not see the 3 columns, look for the Administration tab in the upper left area of the page. Click on it.



3) If it is not already open, click on the Course administration link.

This links in this column controls the appearance and actions of this course only. If you have other courses, they will each have their own Administration panel.

Left Column - Administration



4) Before you can make any changes, you need to click the Turn editing on link. This will let you make changes to this course. Once you do this, this link will change to a Turn editing off option, and  2 small icons will appear.


First stop: Edit Settings


5) Edit settings allows you to change the appearance of your course.

To continue, look at the Middle column - Edit Course Settings. The General and Description sections at the top of the page already will be filled in. Go to the section titled Course format.

Here you may set up the format you want. For information on each part of this section, click on the question mark beside each category - for example, for Format.



6) The 2 other commonly used options in the Administration column are Users and Gradebook setup.


7) Users allows you to create enrolment keys and manually enrol students.

  • Within Users you can create separate groups - for study, forum responses, and other Moodle activities.

Gradebook setup allows you to specify activities and assessments by which students earn their marks.

  • Within Gradebook setup, you can review individual student contributions and generate reports on various aspects of course activity.

For information on the Middle column, connect here.