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Moodle: Faculty: Overview: Middle

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Overview: Middle

1) To start making changes in the Middle column click the Turn editing on in the Left column.

2) By default, you will see a list of preset activities and resources in the top section of the Middle column.

You may change or delete them by clicking Edit Settings - this option is in the Right Column - to the right of each activity or resource.

You do not have to change or delete these activities and resources if you do not want to.

3) The Middle column is for interacting with the students; it is the main column for the course.

4) The very first Edit option at the top of the page (above the class name) allows you to edit information that appears within that blue bar. 





5) It also allows you to add text directly beneath the bar - generally used as introductory or welcome text. Click Edit. This option will open.



6) In the Middle column, there are additional options to edit each activity or resource.



7) Clicking on any of these Edits will open a box with various options. Select what you want from this drop-down menu.


8) At the bottom of each section there will be options to add an activity and / or add a resource.


9) Clicking on an option to add an activity or resource, will open the following pop up option box.


10) As you choose an activity or a resource from this pop-up box, details about the activity will appear to the right.


11) Click add to activate the activity or resource.